Artists Joey Has Performed Or Recorded With:


Michelle Malone
Indigo Girls
Soul Asylum
Matchbox Twenty
Drivin n Cryin
The Georgia Satellites
Izzy Stradlin
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Miranda Lambert
Meat Puppets
Keith Richards
Mick Jagger
Lou Reed
Iggy Pop
Willie Nelson
Bowling for Soup
Brother Cane
Ed Roland
Collective Soul
Butch Walker
Blackberry Smoke
Isaac Hayes
Steven Tyler
Hank Williams Jr.
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To see the long, long, long list of artists and bands Joey has toured and recorded with, or to contact him: click the links below:

To reach Joey, click:

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To connect on social media, click: (or @joey_huffman)

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Joey is available for sessions anytime at your studio or his. He can record keyboards on your project if you send him a guide track to record with .If you prefer to do a session in this manner he will only charge you his session rate. You will not have to pay studio fees.

If you are a new band or you are a band looking for some guidence and production ; contact Joey and set up a meeting and tour of the studio. Joey's mission is to develope and advise artists in todays changing music climate. He will use his contacts in the business to get your music heard. He can't promise a record deal but he will promise that music business profesionals will hear your product. Not only will he produce your record or EP, he will help you develope a plan of action to sopport it. If you are interested in any of his services contact him by email with the link listed above.


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