Joey's Liner Notes:

1. Witness - Do It Till We Drop - 1988
This was my first record deal and you can tell it's totally 80's. The payoff is the B3 solo at the end.
2. Miranda Lambert - Bring Me Down- 2005
Miranda was just 16 when I recorded on her first record. She's a nice girl and very talented . I played B3 on this track
3. Buffalo Nickel - Silicone Grown 2000
This track is basically Blackberry Smoke when we backed up Gary Stier. It is a cover of a Faces song called Silicone Grown. I produced it and played piano.
4. Angie Aparo- Broken - 2003
Angie Aparo is one of my favorite songwriters and vocalists of all time. I just had to include this because I enjoy him so much.
5. Bowling For Soup- 1985 -2005
This was the band's hit single. This song is just a lot of fun. I played the Minimoog on this track.
6. Drivin n Cryin - Uderground Umbrella- 1995
This is one of my favorite tracks off of this record. The organ part was done in one take.
7. Drivin n Cryin - Check Your Tears At The Door - 2001
One of my favorite drivin n Cryin songs. This track is live and I played piano and organ on the song.
8. Soul Asylum -My Own Devices- 1995
I was going to put the single Misery up but I thought everybody has heard that. This is a deep track that I feel is really some of Dave Pirner's writing. Piano and organ on this track.
9. Soul Asylum -We Three - 2001
Another live track. We played a prom when all the flooding in the Mid-west delayed all the proms. We organized one big one for all the schools. It was a great time. We even wore tuxedos and played all covers for the first set. Then we changed closthes and came back out and did our usual live set.
10. Meat Puppets- 1995
This is a song off of No Joke. It originally had an arrangement with the whole band playing on the track. They heard the piano part and stripped it down to the piano and ceelo. Creepy but cool.
11. Butch Walker - Best Thing That You Never Had - 2004
This is one of my favorite records I have been a part of. I think we tracked this song in one take with even Butch in the vocal booth .If you listen clo you can hear the room on his track. I played piano and some mellotron on this track.
12. Marlin Brackett - Bosom Of Abraham - 2003
I produced, engineered, mixed and played on this record. The back up band on the record is The Georgia Satellites.This is a moving song I wanted to include. Piano and organ on this one too.











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13. Cee-lo Green - Follow Me - 2001
I engineered and played on Cee-lo's first solo record. Cee-lo wanted a piano solo in this song so I set up my piano and played it in one take.
14. Golden Smog - Nowhere Bound - 1998
Dave Pirner and I guest on this track written by Danny Murphy. We all were credited with our porn-star names. You derive that by using your middle name and the street you grew up on. Mine was Rodney Amber. This is a great unknown track. I played piano and organ on the track which are featured very much.
15. Mystic Knights Of The Sea - Johnny 99 - 2003
This track was recorded in Nashville at Greg Marrow's studio. It features Rick Richards and Dan Baird with Alison Prestwood on bass, Greg Marrow on drums and me banging on the piano. This song just flat out swaggers.
16. Kevn Kinney - Madman Blues - 2005
I always love working with Kevn. On this track the organ is growling. Edwin McCain duets with Kevn on vocals. It doesn't get swampier than this.The solo section is absolute chaos.
17. Andy Buckner - Play it one more -2014
Andy is a outlaw country artist I produced and played some keyboards on. You will hear some big things from this guy in the future.Piano on this song.This track also features Rick Richards.
18. Kelsey Collins - Wasted- 2015
Kelsey is a talented young artist from Mississippi. I'm producing a record for her. This is one of the very strong songs written by Kelseyforthe record. Peter Stroud guests on this track. Piano, B3 and mellotron.
19. Cee-lo Green - Gettin' Grown - 2003
I included this song because I recorded it and it was nominated for a Grammy. This is just a fun song.
20 Kalyn Bradford - Louder Than Thunder
Kalyn, Cody Marlowe and me wrote 10 songs in 2 days and picked the best 5 and recorded them. I produced her record and I play piano, organ and Guitar on the track. She is another up and coming artist.
21. Matchbox Twenty - Don't Let Me Down 2001
Another live track. I found this track when I was compiling my discography. This cover of the Beatles song was from a live show we recorded in Australia. It is funny because I am not credited on the record but at the very end of the track Rob introduces me. I played an electric pianoon this track.
22. Gasoline Bros - True Believer - 2014
I have been writing with Ray for two decades. The Gasoline Bros are everything I like about Americana. I played piano and organ on this track.